Advance Auto Sports Coupon Code – Get Them Now!

advance auto parts

Every customer wants to have the feeling of getting the best quality and best priced item.  However, this has changed since the dawn of recession forcing people to save on their expenses regardless if they are shopping online or offline.  This brought the increased demand for coupon codes.  If you are a regular online shopper, you would know where to get these codes and how to use them to the maximum.  One thing important with coupon code is to ensure that the consumer enjoy its several benefits.  Using the code does not require you to spend an hour on your local store to obtain a good deal without hurting your budget.

Advance Auto Sports (AAP) releases coupon codes to augment the purchasing ability of its customers...

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Why You Should Use Bilstein Shocks

bilstein shocks

The shocks in the vehicle are the most neglected things any vehicle user does, People don’t bother much about the shocks until it deteriorates and eventually fails. So for them if they don’t want this to cause them headaches there is a solution available for them, such as Eibach springs, Koni Sport shocks or Bilstein shocks. In the following paragraphs you will find out the reason, while reading, why it’s of absolute importance that you choose which shocks to use. Therefore the three important reasons in the following paragraphs will give you enough reasons to think about the issues regarding choosing shocks.

Improper Handling

If your vehicle doesn’t have either or all of the three than the first problem that you are likely to face as a vehicle user is handling...

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Recon LED Bulbs

Recon LED Bulbs

It is a must for every driver and vehicle owner to practice road safety. They should know the different traffic signs as well as (unspoken) driving rules and regulations to ensure each other’s safety. To help them in enacting these, vehicle owners should outfit their vehicles with the needed accessories such as working headlights. Driving with a damaged or impaired headlight, especially during the night when there is limited visibility, can lead to accidents that can lead to serious injuries and even death. Therefore, it is a must for every driver to install a working headlight, regardless of them driving during the mornings or the evenings.

If the light bulb inside their headlights is not functioning anymore, then it’s high time for them to replace it with something that works well...

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Smittybilt 76800 XRC Front Bumper Review

smittybilt xrc bumpers

The bumper is a perfect match for heavy duty vehicles. The good looking smittybilt bumper provides both safety and style to the vehicle. So, if you are planning an adventurous off road trip with friends, you might want to think about purchasing it.

Specifications of Smittybilt 76800 XRC Front Bumper:

Brand: Smittybilt
Average price: $558
Weight: 58 pounds
Shipping weight: 74 pounds
Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 54 inches
Model:  76800
Color: Black
Body kit type: Front Bumper
Auto make and model: Jeep; Jeep Wrangler
Warranty: 5 years limited warranty

There are many reasons why one would choose the Smittybilt 76800 XRC Front Bumper over other available products. Some of them have been mentioned here:

  • Design and quality: Smittybilt 76800 XRC Front Bumper is made of superior quality stainless stee...
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Jeep Roll Bars and Roll Cages

jeep roll bars

There are different types and styles of Jeep roll bars and roll cages which can be helpful in protecting drivers from accidents. They protect riders from being crushed in highly damaging accidents by absorbing all the weights of the vehicle. These cages are built around the cab of a vehicle and it is very protective than a simple roll bar and are often seen in racing vehicles. Roll bars are very essential part of your Jeep if you are planning to drive the vehicle on very busy traffic highways. Some accidents may be inevitable and these accessories will in many cases save your life if you are involved in some bad accident.

Jeep Roll Bars and Roll Cages for Extreme Terrains

If you are going to take your Jeep on some extreme terrains, then the roll bars and roll cages are certainly a must ha...

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Bestop Element Doors

bestop element doors

Let’s admit it, Jeeps are fun to customize it.  When a Jeep is still at the dealership it may be like some of the other Jeeps there with it but once it leaves the dealership it starts the transformation to a one of a kind vehicle.  That is a major reason that people buy Jeeps.  There is no other vehicle on the market that can become so totally yours like a Jeep can.  You can add auxiliary lights to it, bull bars and winches, oversize wheels and tires, custom seats and even more…including custom doors.  While Bestop makes a lot of these products for Jeeps, today we will focus on a particular door that they make.

Bestop Element Doors

This door is actually incredible.  You know, with a Jeep there are all sorts of doors that you can get...

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Going Frameless with Trektop NX

trektop nx with tined windows

If you are using your Jeep in off-road trailing and many other outdoor activities, then its factory top is eventually going to wear out due to the various obstacles such as mud, scratches, dust and sun-fading and at one point you are going to need a replacement top. We can be a little harsh on our Jeeps in pursuit of trail adventures but this, really, has been part of the Jeep experience for the past decades. From softer trails to the punishing Jeep Jamborees, our Jeeps go through a lot which eventually wear out even the most durable tops. A worn off or damaged top can really ruin the look of your Jeep and may not be as effective in protecting you from the sunshine or heavy downpour...

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Compliance, Safety & Accountability: Choosing the Right Headlight System for your Trucks

truck lite led headlight on red wrangler

Is your headlight system compliant with the CSA (Compliance, Safety & Accountability)? Is your headlight system durable enough to last a long time? Are you sure that your headlight system will not fail you during the darkest hours of the night? If you are not sure with the headlight system you are using, then perhaps you might want to replace it and install a new type of headlight instead, like Truck Lite LED headlight.

Truck Lite LED headlight is a headlight system made by renowned truck light provider Truck-Lite. It is CSA-compliant and is even endorsed by CSA themselves. It is a heavy-duty, durable lighting system that is very much recommended for trucks of different types.

Unlike other headlights, Truck Lite LED headlights employ both incandescent lightning technology and LED (Light E...

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Borax Bill Park Trail

Borax Bill Park TrailIf you are in California and you happen to be looking for somewhere to experience a little off road driving or better yet, some motocross action then Boral Bill Park might just be the place you are looking for.  California City is where you will find the haven for OHV drivers.  There are 40+ acres for you to utilize your off road vehicles on.  There are dirt trails, water crossings, rocks to climb and even more.  We will take a look at some of what they have to offer but first why don’t we figure out just where to find it.


Borax Bill Park is on Twenty Mule Team Parkway Road in California City, CA.  California City is a relatively new city as it has only been in existence since 1965...

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Performance Clutch for maximum boost

Car nuts may think they have exclusive rights to the clutch, but that is not so. In fact, the clutch mechanism is not merely a part of an automobile, but it is also a part of many day to day tools and appliances, including drills and chainsaws. The clutch is an important part of these mechanisms – it transfers the turning effect from the engine to the moving part.


Have you ever wondered how the “clutch” pedal at your feet in the driver’s seat works? The clutch pedal is connected to the clutch mechanism of your car via a cable connector or a hydraulic system. The clutch mechanism may actually be quite near to the pedal, but it is still not connected to the clutch pedal by mechanical means. The reason is simple – it is because of the non fixed position of the engine. Even in the most modern cars, the engine tends to move a little when it is running. This is quite normal. Nevertheless because of this, although old cars used to connect the clutch mechanism mechanically to the pedal, that is not so in the newer model of cars.

The clutch mechanism is actually engaged when the pedal is not pressed. Pressing on the clutch pedal causes the clutch plates to disengage. This gives you the ability to coast or shift gear.

One misconception about clutches may be that automatic transmission cars don’t have it. That is not true however. And, as a matter of fact, manual transmission cars have more than one clutch!

So what exactly does the clutch do? A clutch is required in any system that operates two rotating devices in order to separate them so they can operate at different speeds. For example, the engines of the car are connected to the wheels. Both the engines and the wheel rotate. But how can you separate the wheel from the engine, so that the engine would still be running, but the wheels can be stopped from spinning? For that you need a clutch mechanism.

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